I am currently a Teaching and Research Assistant in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics of Paris Descartes University, where I teach courses covering various topics, as well as conduct research, as part of the Machine Learning for Data science (MLDS) group led by Professor Mohamed Nadif, in Statistical Learning for Recommender Systems and Text Mining.

Research Interests

My main research interest include machine learning, data mining and their application to text mining, recommender systems and bioinformatics. In particular I focus on developing scalable and effetive unsupervised learning approaches, tailored for high dimensional sparse data, for the tasks of text documents clustering, item recommendation, dimentionality reduction and visualization.


Email:       aghiles.salah@parisdescartes.fr

Office:       705F

Address:   Laboratoire d'Informatique Paris Descartes (LIPADE)
                   45 rue des Saints-Pères
                   75006, Paris, France

A brief History